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More than 80% of houses built prior to 1980 lack adequate ceiling insulation. A home without proper insulation and weatherization can lose up to 40% of heated or conditioned air. Attic insulation is easy for homeowners to install and is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy usage.

Jarvis Insulation can inspect your attic and give you a personal estimate based on what your specific insulating needs are. We can install extra ventilation as well as insulation to ensure maximum efficiency of your attic insulation.

Increasing your attic insulation can not only save you money but will increase your comfort levels in both summer and winter. By insulating properly, you waste less heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, saving on energy bills all year round.

We can also remove your old insulation to replace with new blown insulation or foam insulation in the case of damage to the existing insulation from dampness, animals etc.

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